Expected and Achieved Results

On this page you can find the project's expected and achieved results (deliverables).

WP1 Requirements and gap-analysis

Expected / Achieved results:

  1. Requirements for advanced charging technologies
  2. Solutions and strategies for gaps in hardware installation configurations, communications and  regulatory frameworks

WP2 Integration of user needs and system operation

Expected / Achieved results:

  1. User behaviours and the new paradigm of the electric mobility and its interaction with DER and multi-sectorial activities
  2. Electric mobility evolution and forecast based on the new user needs
  3. Combined clustering of electricity networks and electric mobility uses for adaptative system operation regimes
  4. New services combining user needs and cost-effective system operation, flexibility solution, and network evolution

WP3 Innovative technologies

Expected / Achieved results:

  1. Use-case driven comparison of smart charging technologies and Electric regulation for V2G
  2. Standardisation roadmap and communication requirements
  3. Development of UEMI for V2X
  4. Interoperability requirements, methodologies and test equipment
  5. Development of V2G enabling equipment

WP4 Advanced charging concepts

Expected / Achieved results:

  1. Advanced smart charging concepts defined
  2. Subcomponent Models
  3. Optimization and control strategies
  4. Digital-twin models integrated in simulation platform

WP5 Virtual and real demonstrations

Expected / Achieved results:

  1. Planning of virtual and real world demonstration actions
  2. Virtual demonstration actions
  3. Real-world demonstration actions
  4. Virtual and real-world demonstration actions assessment

WP6 Evaluation of Operational, Social and Economic Impacts

Expected / Achieved results:

  1. Cost benefit balance of providing bulk energy
  2. Social and socio-economic impact assessment
  3. Environmental profiling of XLConnect solutions (LCA)
  4. Score indicators from “Do No Significant Harm” study
  5. Synthesis document about future recommendations

WP7 Project Management, Dissemination & Exploitation

Expected / Achieved results:

  1. Project Management Plan
  2. Initial Data Management Plan
  3. Dissemination plan and Stakeholder setup
  4. Initial business and exploitation plan
  5. Knowledge Management and IPR

Project progress


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